Doorway Spill Barrier - Retention Barrier BL/SB

Article Index: 724, 725, 726

SB (Height of elements 200, 250, 300 mm)

  • Slide-insert

  • Stacking capability

Standard height:
400–1000 mm
Standard length:
up to 6000 mm
Special situations:
upon request

Suitable for crack-free surfaces with up to 20 mm (± 10 mm) of floor/ground unevenness, e.g. concrete, corrugated sheet metal, tiles, stones, etc.

The Water Retention Barrier is comprised of two or more rectangular, integral hollow aluminium profiled sections, is reinforced and has lower edge protection. A compressible, highly adaptable special seal is affixed to the lowermost barrier body. Each additional barrier body is provided with an easily compressible EPDM-based seal.

The retention barriers, as a matter of preference, are securely and universally mounted in two U-shaped fixtures, which are located within the jamb of a door/gate, between walls, etc. The barrier is then tightly sealed against the building or structure. Mounting outside of the doorjamb is likewise possible with special accessories.

The barrier bodies are pressed laterally and from above firmly against the seal of the mounting fixture and the floor/ground by means of pressure screws. A reliable and tight seal is thus assured.

Barrier bodies and mounting fixtures are furnished with a red paint finish, preferably “traffic red” RAL 3020. The remaining metal components are galvanized or made of aluminium.