Automaic doorway spill barrier GSB-AB-H | Global Spill Barrier Ltd.

                                  Semi automatic Spill Barrier GSB-AB-H


  • automatic closing 
  • one sided pivot
  • Hand return

The spill barrier features and surface mounted steel hinge. The U-Shaped receiver is mounted on the opposite side. The spill barrier is held in place by a magnet.  After activation the barrier closes fully automatically without any auxiliary power. For safety, the containment barrier is weight compensated.   The barrier is automatically locked by a quick release. The barrier is unlocked and returned to the vertical standbyE position manually.

Standard features:

  • Electrical control box with transformer 110-230V DC AC/24V
  • acoustic + optical warning signal
  • Release button and/or customer supplied normally closed
  • Colour: RAL 2009 Traffic Orange

Additional options:

  • Triggered by gas, smoke, thermal, liquid or pressure sensor  
  • Triggered by float switch
  • Explosion-proof (ATEX) compatability


TÜV tested

Suitable for:
Opening width: LW [mm]
Barrier Height: H [mm]
Barrier length: LB [mm]
Minimum ceiling height: HS [mm]
Add measurement left: ZML [mm]
Add measurement right: ZMR [mm]
Fabricated sizes:
Standard length: 500-6000 mm
Standard height: 100-650 mm
Special design: on request
Width: 50 mm