Manual Doorway Spill Barrier GSB-BMR | Global Spill Barrier Ltd.

Manual Doorway Spill Barrier GSB-MBR - Ideal for sprinkler water and fire suppressant foam

Description and text for specifications:

  • Manual Spill Barrier 
  • One sided pivot 

The spill barrier features and surface mounted steel hinge. The U-Shaped receiver is mounted on the opposite side. By removing the locking pin, the barrier is easily lowered into the closing position. Larger spill barriers and containment barriers are weight compensated for safe operation.  With a lever the barrier is locked in place. The seal is compressed and leak-tightness is thus ensured. 

Standard features:

  • The pivot hinge with wall connection and locking pin
  • Aluminium spill barrier body with 1 or 2 handles
  • U-shaped receiver with vertical clamp and wall connection
  • Weight compensation from certain lengths and heights
  • Colour: RAL 2009 Traffic Orange

Suitable for:
Opening width: LW [mm]
Barrier height: H [mm]
Barrier length: LB [mm]
Minimum ceiling height: HS [mm]
Add measurement left: ZML [mm]
Add measurement right: ZMR [mm]
Standard dimesnions:
Standard lengths : 500-6000 mm
Standard heights: 100-1000 mm
Special cases: on request
Width: 50 mm